Monday, June 23, 2008

To-Do List

Okay Boys and Gals, below is a list of things to do when we get back to UTP. Since everyone seems so busy or do not have Internet connection now, we shall do most of our work when we all get back to UTP. But do try to contribute as much as possible now to expedite the planning, yea? Agree?

  1. Confirm T-shirt design. Back of t-shirt blank or with design? Those who want to contribute , please come out with design ASAP. Round neck or collar? - please vote. Other collar shape might make things more complicated but if you insist, please help to find out more info - costing and availability would be best. Quantity - I'll assume those who have said yes would be buying a t-shirt each. Your constant comment and presence in the chatbox would help to give assurance, so please leave a mark whenever you visit this site. Volunteer(s) needed to help manage money collection.
  2. Shooting format. Group/course wise? Form you own group? Or do everything in a day like what Fu Shen have suggested? Still waiting for volunteers or please nominate few person in-charge. Each group need a person-in-charge to make it more managable. Are we still agree on wearing the same t-shirt while shooting? Finding a common time could be difficult but everyone please cooperate if we want to make this happen.. ok?
  3. Location. I guess most will go for various location because it's more interesting. So those person-in-charge of your group please discuss/decide amongst your group members where you want to take video. I think is best not to go into formalities like requesting for permission, because that would waste more time. Just go there and shoot and cabut! How you want to act in front of the camera is also your choice - freestyle, anytime, anywhere. If you want props, eg: cardboard with messages, then do at your own will. One last shooting - where? Record singing (church okay?)
  4. Camera. I have no idea on this. I only got a compact digital camera. Cameras like this should be last resort. Anyone has better camera? Michelle, any leads? Peepz, ideas please.... One that can produce a steady and clear shooting is good enough =P
  5. Confirmation. All still agree to do video? Still agree on 'Here In My Home' ? If yes, then please don't give silent treatment anymore when we get back, OK? Suggestions are welcomed.
  6. Schedule. Week 1 - Persons in charge complete. Groups formed. Secure camera(s). Confirm Tshirt design. Week 2 - Place shirt order & collect money. Leads discuss/decide/identify location and style of shooting with groups. Week 3 - Continue discussion & decide. Do props if you want. Rehearse if you want. Week 4 - Bersemangat to do this while waiting for t-shirt (workload won't dampen our spirit!!!yea?). Week 5 - Execute shooting. All groups to finish by weekend. Week 6 - As expected, sure tak jadi, so give you one more week to shoot! One last group shooting and record singing. Week 7 - Video edit and wait for final outcome.....Expect video to finish when all come back from mid sem break!

Anything left out? Please comment.


Jackie Voon said...

(just an opinion)..for the audio recording,since there's gonna be solo rap, solo singing at certain parts of the song (assuming its going to quite similar to the Malaysian Artists for Unity)...i guess the choiring team can start identifying who's going to sing solo, duet parts...and the respective phrases...Preferably identify those who can sing(all those sing karaoke and toilet singing...hehehehe)....Once that part is set, we can probably do a short rehearsal to see if the it sounds okay...(for those involved in the solo parts)

Teik said...

Jackie thanks for the suggestions.

BTW, can you be one of the volunteers? At least for civil group? If you don't want, it's fine too. But I really hope you can. hehehe..

later we can start asking for more volunteers for different parts - like the singing solo parts.

I'm going to make u an author so you can post stuff here too. Wait.. I send you invitation.

Ern said...

Wow.. sounds like a "major" production weh.. I would love to be in the video editing and production part! =) Been learning it a little bit and would love to help out in that area.