Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Course Representatives & Video Format Update

Hi Friends,

Welcome back to UTP!

Our course representatives are:

CV: Jackie
CE: Pei Chie
EE: Gary
ME: Edwin
IT/IS: Isaac

Many thanks to them. What they will do is - get your feedback regarding t-shirt design (once confirmed) and materials, etc. If there's any changes, we will try to accommodate. If all okay with it, then rep will help to collect money and we can start ordering hopefully by end of this week or early on Week 2.

Please extend your cooperation to the reps.

Video Format

As for this, we might not be doing 'here in my home' after all. Since some of you might not be comfortable showing your singing prowess, we could do practically anything now. Just do your own style individually or in groups. For example, we could form groups who wants to sing, or just individual messages, or you want to play songs with guitar... whatever, really. I hope everyone would be more okay with this format. Plus, this is more original anyway.

Meeting 22 July, Tuesday

Today we have a meeting at v5 cafe, 10.30pm among reps to discuss T-shirt and video format. Those who want to give an idea or two please join us too. Will keep you guys posted about updates. Cya~

#kianuland is our chat area since UTP block our beloved chat box in this blog

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