Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friends, up for the video?

Response so far (and their preference)....
This list is also helpful for us to count the number of T-shirts. If you don't want to be in the video but still want the t-shirt, please inform us. If you don't say anything in time, you might miss out the t-shirt (we don't want to over-order isnt?). If you don't see our friends' name here, please ask them to respond or you can do that on their behalf.

  1. Michelle L. John
  2. Edwin Cheng
  3. Joey Tan
  4. Angie Perng
  5. Jackie Voon (location team)
  6. Tsae Yng
  7. Wai Lun
  8. San Nien
  9. Gary Pang (t-shirt / choiring team)
  10. Look Chee Fai (I take 'let's have fun' as a YES)
  11. Ping Hun (location team)
  12. Diane Teng (choiring & choreographing team)
  13. Pei Chie
  14. Melvin Lau (t-shirt / video editing team)
  15. David Lai
  16. James Tan
  17. Chris Lee
  18. Fu Shen
  19. Kevin Wong
  20. Xiao Qi (t-shirt / choiring & choreographing team)
  21. Jesse Yeoh (choiring team)
  22. Vishnu (counting on u for the tamil rap part)
  23. Poh Kiat (video editing team)
  24. Melissa Loo (choiring team)
  25. Tzu Fen
  26. San Yin (by popular demand)
  27. Derrick Tan (video editing team)
  28. Peck Koon
  29. Erica Ting
  30. Wei Kit
  31. Ming Kiat
  32. Jason Teh
  33. Chun Yan
  34. Lee Xiang
  35. Yin Yin
  36. Shean Chuan (on Xqi's behalf)
  37. Elvina
  38. Ling Hui (on Elvina's behalf)

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