Thursday, June 5, 2008

Call for Unity - Exclusively for UTP July 04 Circle of Friends

Hi Friends of July 04 UTP Batch,

It's me, Teik Hui. Please read on.

Friends, we have almost come to the end of our journey in UTP. Starting next semester, we will embark on our final year (for those taking IT/IS, it will be their final sem!). Do you feel like we've missed out something? Where were the days of July 04 and our much beloved foundation years? Honestly, I long for the nostalgic days to come back - when we first knew each other, and we fooled and joked, we laughed and shared stories. And most importantly, we DID IT ALL TOGETHER AS A GROUP OF FRIENDS.

Over the years, we somehow got segregated and our band of brothers and sisters were broken into smaller groups. Days where we lepak together were too far and few in between in the recent years as we were all so busy with our own things (UTP is to be blamed somehow).

So Friends, if you feel like what I feel, It's time to UNITE. Please respond to what I intend to initiate. Let's take some time early in the next semester to do a video production to commemorate us as the UTP July 04 bunch of exciting comrades. I recently got inspired by the production of Malaysian Artistes For Unity (MAFU) which is made to promote unity among Malaysians. That video got me into thinking about all of US - through thick and thin we've arrived to where we are now. So let's embrace the theme of UNITY, and do one for ourselves. Below is what I have in mind:

1) We will sing 'Here In My Home' in acappella + choir style

2) It will be shot in a video mode at a location that will be confirmed later

3) We will wear our own designed T-shirt (with the theme unity) during the video shooting

The planning:

1) Reply this email ASAP so that I know if you guys are interested (I mean genuinely interested and must be fully passionate and be committed to it). Just reply yes or no. That will do.

2) Since this is a video shooting plus vocal and choir style, practice is required. But please don't be put off and start thinking you have FYP to do next sem, OK? for once..OK? We will make practice minimal by keeping it simple and sweet. Just spend some, off and on to practise for the singing and choreographing.

3) We will form a team for the production. They are as follow;

- I will assume the role of the production coordinator (if you guys let me)
- Choiring and Choreographing team
- T-shirt designing team
- Location team

4) If everyone is in, we can set up the team after we get everyone's reply. After which, we can start the actual preparation, especially the for T-shirt designing, and the choiring and choreographing team. Then perhaps we start a new temporary blog for easy updates and discussion.

5) For the rest who is not in any of the team, just lend your angelic voice, come for the practice, lend your support if asked, and join in the FUN. Doesn't matter if you sound bad or good. We are not auditioning for singing competition. We are doing this for ourselves. So let's do together gether..Ok?

6) If you are in, please go and watch the video, get some inspiration and engrave the lyrics to your heart (including the rap in BM, chinese, tamil and English!). Here's the link if you don't already know --->

7) If this is a go, we shall start preparing now, and the practice will be expected to start in the first week onwards when we get back to UTP, and hopefully by the mid of August we can finish the video shooting before we get busy busy busy.

Okay this is so far the detail I wish enclose. Once again, I really hope we can do this. There's no hidden agenda. This is a non-profitable production. This is purely, exclusively for our circle of friends of July 04 batch. One day we can all look back and I'm very sure you'll be super duper glad that you've done this.

Alright, you guys decide now. YES or NO. I'll be waiting. If YES please indicate which team you want to be in or you just want to sing.

ps: Please forward this to our friends. I do not have everyone's email or I might have missed out unintentionally. If you are not sure whether you should include that person, please do not be hesitated to ask me.


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