Friday, August 1, 2008

T-Shirt Sizes! Please Book now!

Hi friends, see below for size estimation. Cutting a bit bigger than conventional for guys. For girls on the other hand, smaller than conventional. So look out for those similar size to yours. I've put in few of us as reference.

FOR GUYS (round neck, jersey)

S - Alan, Teik, Jackie, Melvin, Edwin, Soon Yen, Derrick, Wei Kit, Yee Jaet, Davin, Lee Xiang
M - Kevin, Fu Shen, Jack, Shean Chuan, Wai Lun, Jia Ann, James, Kian Tat, Chee Yong, Gary, Ping Hun, Yogendran, Chris, Alvindarjit Singh, Isaac, Ming Kiat, Jason
L - Look, Jesse, David, Vishnu, Tina, Chun Yan
XL - Poh Kiat

FOR GIRLS (V-neck, jersey, with figure cutting)

S - San Yin, Erica, San Nien, Xiao Qi
M - Michelle, Debbie, Chiea Chai, Diane, Elvina, Ling Hui, Joey, Yin Yin, Pei Chie
L - Suet Yeng, Tzu Fen, Khai Yi, Angie, Tsae Yng, Ming Hwa
XL - (none so far)
XXL - Cheryl, Peck Koon
XXXL - Melissa Loo


Jackie Voon said...

so much difference btw guy and girls? for the jersey sizes...quite funny le!no offence

Anonymous said...

I want a girl jersey in S size! Hehe, thank you!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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